(03.05.2012) : Updated version of Preliminary program is on line !

(31.01.2012) : Registration form (corrected version) is on line !

(16.04.2013) : Save the dates for DYNACOMP 2014: Second Conference on Composites Structures Dynamics will be organized in Arcachon, 28-30 October 2014 !


(20.04.2013) : DYNACOMP 2014, Second Conference on Composites Structures Dynamics will be presented in MEDYNA Marrakech, 23-25 Avril 2013 !

(15.09.2013) : DYNACOMP 2014, Second Conference on Composites Structures Dynamics, Arcachon: a new date is currently discussed with Industrial and Academic Partners !

(15.11.2014) : DYNCOMP'2015 in Arles is not an AVANTAGE AQUITAINE conference ! The filiation with DYNACOMP 2012 is a deceptive action by the organization. AVANTAGE AQUITAINE claims intellectual property rights and will start an action on Trade Court in Bordeaux.


First Conference on Composites Structures Dynamics

Conference Objectives

The conference will bring together representants from the industrial and academic world concerned with dynamic issues of composite materials and structures, over a wide frequency band and various encountered solicitations, from low-frequency to shocks.

Participants will debate and exchange on topics and questions like:

Outstanding papers are foreseen on following subjects:

Perspectives in terms of certification and validation will also be addressed.

A Place for Exchange and Networking

Areal cross-fertilization is expected gathering academic scientists and researchers, with simulation and design engineers, manufacturing and control engineers, project managers and end-users, in the various fields of industry:


Papers will be presented in English. Simultaneous translation facilities will not be available.


Please note that a significant exhibit can be organized in the main lobby of the conference center.