Conference Objectives

6th IC3 - June 4-6, 2018

After 5 successful editions in 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014, 2016, Avantage Aquitaine is pleased to confirm you

the 6th International Carbon Composites Conference, to be held in Arcachon, France, 2018 June June 4-6.


The conference will bring together scientists, designers, manufacturers and end users from the academic,

institutional and industrial “Carbon Fiber Composite World”.


This is a unique opportunity to meet together all players in the use of Carbon Fiber Composite Materials.


This is a unique place for many formal and informal opportunities for exchanges, networking and cross-



You will meet at a time scientists presenting their latest achievements as well as large industrial players

and SMEs and start-up companies proposing very brand new applications and services.


You will also have fruitful discussions with educational organizations who are preparing and training

future technical managers.


You will meet institutional representatives and identify R&D support and investors for your future



Speeches and plenary lectures will be organized in order to bring you the latest overview on high

performances composites for cold and hot high demanding applications, latest trends on future of

carbon fibers market including environmental issues


We are looking forward to welcoming you in the very nice city of Arcachon, giving you also the

opportunity of discovering the charm of the Bay and the sandy wild beaches of the Atlantic Coast.


You will have the chance to taste the famous oysters and the Bordeaux wines, whilst exchanging on

following topics:



§Fibres and Fabrics, including Thin Ply solutions
§Thermoset and Thermoplastic Technologies
§Bio Sourced Solutions


Structure design


§Static & Dynamic Design & Simulation Tools
§Damage Analysis and Repair
§Bonding and Joining


Efficient Manufacturing Technologies


§Impregnation Process
§Processing & Process Simulation
§Assist Lay-up, Fibre Placement, Filament Winding, Thin Ply

§Innovative/Out of Autoclave Curing


Qualification and Certification
Material Characterization

Structural Testing
Non Destructive Testing
Virtual Design, Virtual Testing, Virtual Manufacturing
Health Monitoring
Damage Tolerance
Maintenance and Overhaul
Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Recycling and Environmental Issues
Carbon Nanotechnologies
Carbon and non-Carbon High Performances Hot Ceramics

Special sessions and round tables will be organized on the following subjects

  • Design & Manufacturing: How to transition from expensive handcrafting to affordable series or even mass production ?
  • What credible perspectives for composites functionalization ?